Describe How to Establish Respectful and Professional Relationships with Children and Young People

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The main key to establishing respectful and professional relationships with children and young people is to show respect at all times. A relationship built on a mutual understanding of respect can be a strong relationship that will make communication easier. You also need to show them that you are approachable so that they feel comfortable around you and if they have any questions or are struggling with the lessons work they can talk to you about it. A good practitioner will always listen to a child, without interruption, and let them express their own views this shows them that you are considerate to and that you value their feelings and opinions, which in turn will encourage them to interact with you. The way you talk to a child can also contribute to establishing a respectful and professional relationship as it is as important as listening. Children quite often find adults intimidating as they are so much taller than them so make sure not to tower over them when speaking to them or helping with their work. They would much rather you are at their level so you can communicate easier. Physically lowering yourself to the child’s level, ensures that you have good eye contact and maintain concentration when speaking/interacting with them, showing that you see the child as an equal and again, will encourage the child to interact with you. The tone of your voice is another factor towards building a relationship with children and young people. A calm, low voice makes you appear to the child as comforting and approachable. You must be patient and give children time to speak and recast if necessary, recasting is the correct way of saying a word a child says wrong, it is better for the child because they don’t see it as getting it wrong or being told off, rather just a reassurance that with practice and support from you they will get it right. Another way to help build
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