Tda 3.1 Essay

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1.1 Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children and adults in order to gather information and pass it on effectively and accurately. It is important to establish positive communication to gain trust. Children who see adults communicating with each other and other children in a positive manner are more likely to learn positive and effective communication skills themselves. For example, it is important to check what we are saying or how we are acting and in times of stress or excitement, and display conversations, mannerisms, body language and behaviour that we expect from the children. Effective communication with parents ensures that they are confident in the school and their child’s learning, which in turn is passed on to the child. 1.2 Relationship building does not come by chance and effective communication is needed to develop positive relationships. You must show respect by listening to what other people have to say regarding their views and beliefs. Some individuals might have different values to your own and it is important to respect these values and consider them when communicating with these people. For example, with people from different cultures or with different religious beliefs. Considering the ideas and opinions of others is effective in building positive relationships as people feel valued and are more likely to feel comfortable when speaking with you. Some people may have issues which are personal to them as an individual so particular care is needed to converse with them about these issues. We should always be clear on key points and ensure that information is passed on in an understandable manner, especially with children who can become easily distracted from the main point of a conversation or lesson plan. A way to help this is to ask a child to repeat back what you have
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