Ctls Level3 Essay

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1.1. Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Communication is important in developing relationships with children and young people because having positive relationships with the people we interact with makes our daily lives easier and more productive. In an educational environment maintaining positive relationships opens up opportunities for good communication, it gives us confidence in our ability and an understanding of our environment. Accepting shared responsibility by knowing what our role is and what’s expected of us is very important, following recognised procedure and understanding shared values all promote good relationships. Educational values such as school Mission Statements and classroom Golden Rules helps all of us to promote a positive learning environment in the school. It is very important to have a good relationship with someone as they could help with disputes or disagreements, when they arise. Treat people how you expect to be treated, treat people as an equal and positively to promote effective communication. 1.2. Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults. Children and young people need to feel safe and valued in an educational environment. The government document Every Child Matters: Change for children 2004 is an important document to read which would benefit anyone working with children. To work and build on positive relationships with children there has to be a good understanding of putting the pupils needs first. There must also be an understanding that helping pupils develop good relationships with others is essential to promote the wellbeing of pupils and the school Principals that can promote positive relations :Demonstrate respect towards pupils; Use appropriate behaviour and
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