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Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour TDA 3.4- 1.1- Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. Behaviour Policy- the behaviour policy is in place to promote good behaviour. At St Peters the policy aims to; ensure each child works towards their full potential and promote their self-esteem, to help children to develop lively enquiring minds and the ability to question and discuss rationally while using their initiative, and to create a happy secure and stimulating environment through the work of staff, parents and governors where both the children and adults feel valued, while helping children acquire skills, concepts and knowledge relevant to future life and to make a positive contribution to the life of the local community and their environment, to promote excellence through achievement, progress and effort, and to develop a respect for Christian and moral values and those of other faiths. To achieve these aims all staff work hard to promote a relaxed, friendly and purposeful atmosphere in which people are always welcome and where trust and respect play an important part, to respect the equal human rights of all our children, staff and other members of the school community and to educate children about equality. Helping children to learn how to learn and encourage them to become lifelong learners through their learning styles. Code of Conduct- is how we expect a pupil to conduct themselves, how we expect them to behave. This is covered in the behaviour policy. Rewards and Sanctions- children should be rewarded for good behaviour, when a child feels good about themselves and has high self-esteem they will feel proud and valued. It is important that we praise and support in different ways at St Peters we have the DOJO system where we give dojo points for good
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