Level 3 Stls Unit 304

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UNIT 304 Knowledge Understand policies and procedures for promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. 1.1 The policies and procedures we use in our setting relevant to promoting positive behaviour are the ‘Good behaviour for learning policy’ and the ‘Dealing with bullying policy’. The Good behaviour for learning policy explains what, as a setting, we expect from our pupils, staff, parents, governors and even visitors. It sets out our code of conduct, it explains how, as a school, we develop a positive learning atmosphere, what classroom management strategies we use and about the rewards and sanctions too. It lays out what we expect from the parents and what we will give back to them. The Dealing with bullying policy sets out our aims as a school and strategies for dealing with bullying so as to show parents that we will not tolerate it and that we as a school strive to provide a happy and friendly environment with the visions and values that promote positive behaviour and in so doing creating a place in which children and young people are able to learn. 1.2 Our Good behaviour for learning policy states that good teaching and learning are crucial to good behaviour and as a school we pride ourselves in encouraging and inspiring our children to succeed, our Dealing with bullying policy talks about our school curriculum being based around the five outcomes of ECM (Every Child Matters). Both policies are crucial in helping children and young people to: a) Feel safe…by allowing them to know that bullying is taken seriously and not tolerated as stated in the Dealing with bullying policy, it also reassures them that they will be listened to and acted upon. The Good behaviour for learning policy explains what appropriate action will be taken according to each case. b) Make a positive contribution…the Good behaviour for learning policy sets out how we

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