Cypwf Unit4 Essay

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1. Know the regulatory requirments for a positive enviroment for children and young people. 1.1 Describe what is meant by a positive enviroment There are lots of different enviroments that children and young people will learn and develop in wether it be home, school , nursery , outdoor play areas or educational visits, all of these places can be made into positive enviroments for children this means somewhere that can challenge them helping them learn and develop whilst also promiting rest and healthy living. A good physical enviroment is important as it helps promote good moods in children, this means bright visual displays and lots of sensory opportunities round the room, a interactive sensory wall display is a good way of doing this. It is extremley imortant that practitioners value language and diversity , respecting difference in children and young people wether it be race, religion or appearance. This means using anti bias and anti discriminatory practice, not favouring children because of apperance , race or religion ,etc. and not discriminating and treating children differently because of differences, and ensuring all children feel and are equal.To create a positive enviroment the right materials need to be provided to promote play, learning and development , this means choosing toys carefully to promote different things. Different areas can help with this for example a role play area with dressing up clothes , hats , etc. provided and maybe a play shop area or a wendy house. It is also important that self worth is promoted to create a positive enviroment this can be done by encouraging all positive bahvioursa and praising acheivments no matter how big or small , displaying childrens work so that parents , carers and other children can see and always letting the children know how important they are. 1.2 Identify regulatory requirments that underpin a
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