My Philosophy on Student Discipline

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My Philosophy of Student Discipline My philosophy of student discipline begins with the ideology that students learn what they live. Through the introduction and continuous exposure to a positive school environment, students will develop the social, emotional, and physical skills needed to become promising contributors to society. Within these skills, the term respect resonates as an underlying aspect of a positive atmosphere. Respect is related to student discipline by integration in quantitative and qualitative manners. The following paragraphs will give insight into respect within both fashions and show how they are complementary. First, the qualitative manner is exhibited by the teacher through communications with other faculty, adults, and students. The respect shown to others and given individually to each student will help to instill a disciplinary foundation. The students will build a level of understanding of what visual, auditory or physical cues are appropriate. Continuous positive reinforcement is central to promoting desired behaviors. This building block is the initial step in promoting a student's self discipline and is complemented by the next type of modeling, respect in a quantitative manner. Next, the quantitative manner is presented by establishing classroom rules. These rules are collaboration between the teacher and the pupils. It is a way of showing respect to a pupil by saying your offering is valid and will be implemented. These norms are explained and demonstrated by the teacher to the pupils, so they know that improper words or actions will not be tolerated. The teacher will allow the pupils to practice the disciplinary actions before an actual occurrence to get a realistic interpretation of how he or she might be reprimanded. Different levels of discipline will be enforced dependant upon the offense as noted and
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