Tda 2.6 Essay

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TDA 2.6 Help improve own and team practice in schools 3.1 Describe why team work is important in schools. Teamwork in schools plays a very important part, in order to achieve planned objectives, short or long term, and even ongoing development plans and goals. Individual or shared duties and responsibilities, need to partnership well, in conjunction with elements of reliability, flexibility, good positive relationships with one another, and with trust. It's important that all teachers and all support staff, have clear communications, understand and have knowledge of each other roles and responsibilities, expectations, objectives, skills and support needs. This will provide valuable support to one another, and to learn from each other. Ascertain feedback from the team, and establish if the objectives are realistically achievable, and contribute by making positive suggestions, alternatives and sharing concerns. Good communication within the team helps one another when planning lessons and tasks, it helps things run smoothly, and supports the children's learning and progress. In addition, this also sets good examples to the children who may observe teamwork, and be encouraged to work together as a team themselves in their task, it also gives them confidence to communicate with classroom friends, teachers and supporting staff. It may also encourage them to express and share their understanding and feelings. Teachers and support staff may sometimes feel stressed, and overwhelmed, or even preoccupied. By having a good team environment, communicating and working well together, will help the team to rally together and support their colleagues, and may help eliminate their anxiety's and concerns. Results from good teamwork is really rewarding, satisfying, and creates good feelings of success, and enjoyment amongst the team. It also sets a standard to
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