Unit Pwcs 21: Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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Unit PWCS 21: Principles of communication in adult social care settings Task 1: Understand why communication is important in adult social care setting * An identification of the different reasons why people communicate People communicate for various different reasons; some being to show feelings, opinions, emotions, problems, and the list goes on and on. The communication itself can come across in two main different ways that being a professional one or a personal one. In the social care setting it is important for key communications to be recorded as they may be needed to be relied upon in legal or medical situations. Of course all communications are confidential and only shared on a “need to know” bases. However communications between colleges is essential in order to keep continuity for clients and to also make sure the clients updated needs are met. * An explanation of how effective communication affects all aspects in adult social care settings. Give examples to support your explanation. Effective communication is very important in the social care setting. This is so we can reduce mistakes and hopefully stop problems from occurring, it also helps to ensure the highest level of personal care can be given. This must mean that information given in the various forms of communication is clear, to the point, accurate, informative and non-judgmental. Using these guidelines for communication all colleagues can work better together towards the same goals for the service users. Some ways I currently use effective communication in my job is by using the house communication book, service user’s daily diaries, staff meetings, handover briefings, 3 or 6 monthly personal reviews or even just asking things quickly with shift leaders or key workers. * An explanation of why it is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them. Give
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