4.1 Explain How A Work Setting Can Encourage Children Positive Behaviour Essay

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CU1510 4.1 Explain how a work setting can encourage children and young peoples positive behaviour Developing positive relationships- Giving the child the need to feel they can trust you Listening to children and valuing their opinions- So that they can feel important and be happy that they are being listened to and by Giving children choices so that they feel like they have responsibilities and we are not forcing them to do activities they do not enjoy It is important we act as an Adult role model, enthusiastic, happy, no shouting and helpful Clear boundaries- E.g. language encouraging the child to be involved Positive behavior reinforced (praise/rewards)- So…show more content…
If Knowing for example a child has a hearing aid, it is important I speak clearly daily, so the child is able to understand me also, a learning journal to reflect on my day and my practice so I can improve my own practice. If the child has language problems, it is very important I am constantly seeing if they are okay and making sure they are provided with things and items such as picture cards to communicate with me ensuring I have a positive attitude throughout this so they know I am here to help
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