Competency Statement 3

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Competency Statement III To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance, I will supply children with an emotionally and physically safe and secure environment in which they will thrive, being able to develop their own sense of self. I will do this by smiling and greeting all children and their parents each and every morning. I will always address each child by their name. I will make sure every child gets some one on one attention when I can express appropriate physical touch and enjoyment in them being in my classroom. I will get to know each child, establish relationships with parents, and support their strengths as well as their needs. I will express my own emotions and respond to the children’s emotions, valuing their feelings and helping them express what they are feeling. But above all, I will make sure that every child feels secure in my room and are comfortable coming to me as their teacher. I provide a positive relationship with the child through daily routines and interactions. I feel this gives the children and parents a sense of trust. I get down on the child’s level when I speak to them. I believe that by doing this it makes the child feel special and welcomed in the classroom. I ALWAYS praise a child’s accomplishments. I even cheer them on when they struggle with a task. To develop a sense of independence and pride, I let the children each day choose the classroom helpers. There are many tasks that the children are able to choose from. I structure the environment to offer opportunities for children to share information about themselves, their families, and experiences. I make it easier for the children to explore new experiences and the environments by making them feel assured of the support and availability of me, thus increasing his confidence. I make sure the children know they
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