Unit 8 Checklist for Promoting Positive Behaviour

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Unit 8: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 Ways to develop and maintain positive relationships – a checklist for new staff * Take time to actively listen to pupils but remain as a figure of authority within the school, by doing this, children will feel comfortable communicating with you, whilst responding appropriately to authority. * Ensure that boundaries are in place from the beginning of term. * Be a good role model for pupils. If pupils see you acting kindly towards others and treating them with respect, they are likely to do the same. * Encourage children to respect each other. * Allow pupils to take responsibility for their actions and to undertake tasks independently where possible. * Praise pupils when they have been successful. * Encourage children to put their ideas forward and be supportive of any ideas or suggestions that the children put forward. * Ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to make a contribution in class. Not just the confident pupils. * Allow children the opportunity to find an answer to a question themselves, either by discussion with a “talk partner” or giving the pupils an opportunity to have a discussion with pupils who know the answer. * Learn the names of all your pupils including any nicknames. * Try to be sympathetic to any pupils who may find some things difficult. * Be warm and caring. * Treat children as individuals and encourage them to be individuals. * Give children approval when they have behaved positively. * Know the ability of your pupils. * Joke appropriately with pupils. * Know the strengths and weaknesses of your children. * Give ‘I’
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