Explain Why Positive Relationships Are Important & How They Are Maintained

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Children: Positive relationships with children are very important as they help children feel more comfortable & settled with us & are more able to separate from their parents. When a child feels comfortable they are more likely to join in with activities & play with others. It will help develop their language & communication skills as they will feel confident in talking to the practitioner. As the relationship builds, the practitioner will be able to plan effectively for the children as they will know what their likes & interests are & what their development needs are. The practitioner will also be able to respond to the child effectively as they will recognise their emotions & behaviour. Relationships with children are built & maintained by communicating effectively & in the correct way for the child’s age & stage of development. By showing respect to the child whatever their age by using an appropriate tone of voice, being warm & friendly & using your manners. By listening to the child & showing an interest in what they are saying & doing. Keeping your promises & honouring commitments and respecting the child for who they are. By using physical contact, this is especially important for babies Young People: Positive relationships are very important with young people as they are usually going through big changes in their lives. They are finding out who they are & may be physically changing. They need adults who they trust to turn to gain advice & reassurance & who won’t dismiss their problems as not important or significant. If a young person thinks they are not being listened to, there will be a breakdown in the relationship & they will stop communicating with the adult. Parents/Carers: Parents & carers are the most important people in their children’s lives so it’s

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