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CYP POP14 Support children and young people to have positive relationships Identify the different relationships children and young people may have Children and young people have different relationships between their families, friends and adults at school. They can also have relationships with doctors, health visitors, speech therapists etc. Children and young people may treat their peers differently to their family as they can feel more relaxed with their family. Explain the importance of positive relationships for development and well-being Positive relationships help development and well-being in children. Children are more likely to join in in play and learning activities if they feel emotionally secure. A child’s language develops rapidly if they feel confident conversing with their adults. When a strong child/adult relationship is established the child(ren) is unlikely to display any bad behaviour. This is also apparent when separating from their parent/carer. Explain the possible effects of children having restricted or supervised contact in order to maintain relationships When children have restricted or supervised contact this could have an impact on maintaining any relationships because relationships are based on trust. Sometimes it is decided by staff and possibly outside agencies that supervised contact is needed to help a child. This could be because of trust issues which may have broken down within a family and if so, the child may need guidance to rebuild/maintain their relationship as they have been hurt and need to feel safe and secure again. Explain how to support children or young people to make new relationships A prime example of showing how to support children/young people to make new relationships is to be a good role model. Children learn by example and how we, as adults, behave has a huge impact on how a child learns
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