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[pic] [pic] Assignment Submission Name: Pasqualina Varricchio Student Number: MD1137174 Address: 167 Ashmead Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire Postcode: MK41 7FD Course: Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4 Assignment Number: 1 Date Submitted: 24th September 2014 Number of pages: 4 (incl. Submission sheet) Email: pasqualinavarricchio@me.com Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) A HLTA must demonstrate various areas of knowledge and understanding. They must be able to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the curriculum, sufficient knowledge, expertise and awareness of individual needs of a pupil. With this knowledge they are able to use their expertise, skills and experience to plan the way a pupil learns information and to what outcome they are trying to achieve. Having knowledge of different ways to teach to get the most out of an individual whom perhaps needs a different way of learning to get the most out of the pupil and help them to progress in their education. They must understand ways to enable a purposeful learning environment and how to promote good behaviour. Have an understanding of pupils’ expectations in relation to their age and how to achieve those results. Also making sure that they have an understanding and respect of the pupils’ social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. How to maintain and develop a good relationship with pupils and to demonstrate that they treat all pupils’ equally, through this they will gain respect and trust from that individual. Will need to show good relations with teachers in order for them to work efficiently and carry out their duties effectively. Also having a good understanding of the teachers’ aims, and strategies and being able to ask for advice or help. They must show that they can communicate and make

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