Competency Goal Three

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Competency Goal 3 To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance In my program I help children achieve a positive sense of self by providing an anti-bias environment where everyone feels accepted. This is done by placing several photos around the room. There is a family photo poster on the wall, as well as an abstract collage of the children’s faces. I also put pictures up from special events such as field trips and parties. Artwork is always displayed around my room, dangling from the ceiling, or taped to the wall at their eye level. Children have many things of their own to look at daily. We also have discussions about strengths, favorite things, and their families and cultures. Children in my care know that everyone is special and welcome. In order to help build social skills, I encourage the children in my care to develop empathy. I do this by reading books and asking the children how they think the characters feel. I also ask them how other children might be feeling at various parts of the day. I am always reminding them to use their words and express how they are feeling to others. Children are also encouraged help one another. They are taught to ask for help from another child before coming to a teacher. I plan activities that require cooperation and group work so that children will work together to solve problems and be attentive to other’s needs. The children make our room a better place by being empathetic and helpful to others. In my program I want children to be independent and make positive choices. I help them do this by offering children several choices throughout the day. I make it easy for them to remember which choices are appropriate by offering firm, friendly reminders, and using positive language. When children are having a hard time making good choices or solving a problem, I ask them questions about the

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