Observation Of a Classroom Essay

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Early childhood development is a period of never ending possibilities. As educators we embrace everything our children experience and what they encounter in there early developmental stages. We believe that our work can make a significant difference in a child’s life and in the lives of their families. In order for children to learn and develop, we as educators must provide a safe and healthy learning environment. A place where children can partake in early education of the highest quality, and learn the early skills they need to develop. Recently, I had the chance to observe an outstanding preschool in the East Orange school district, called Harambee Community Child Care Center. Harambee is a Swahili word that signifies that coming together relationally, facing life not alone, but pulling together, recognizing the power of one, but also the power of many pulling together, easing the burden one might face. As I entered the classroom I was assigned to observe I noticed a very friendly, warm, welcoming and clean environment. I met with the director of Harambee, an older woman by the name of Mrs. Wendy. She gave me a brief tour of the center, before she walked me to the assigned classroom which I was able to observe for my paper. She spoke very highly of her staff and the relationships they have with their students. As I walked through the center, I noticed various posters of learning, collages of the student’s artwork, and many pictures of the field trips they went on. Already, I can see that they interact with the children in a great deal, confirming that this institute of learning takes the education and love they put into the children very serious. I have to admit, I was impressed with all the smiling faces in the pictures and all the positive images in the collaged artwork. This made me very curious of what the classroom setting would be like

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