What Makes a Good Practitioner

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What makes a good Early Years Practitioner? The strength and success of any early years practice relies on the expertise and experience of the practitioners who work there. A good early year’s practitioner should be a good role model to the children and remain so at all times. They should enjoy working with children, love being around them and be totally passionate about their work. They need to have the drive and ambition to always do better and self improve. They should be loyal to their work and the families they care for. They need to be calm, professional and never loose their temper or panic. They should be well organised and creative yet quick thinking and adaptable to changes. They should be enthusiastic enough to see potential in interesting and unusual situations and cope with uncertainty. They should be fair, helpful and approachable to any child or adult with a problem. They need to be able not to judge others for their circumstances and remain professional and supportive to the child and family at all times. They should be caring and friendly towards the children and their parents/carers and establish a good relationship where every party is fulfilled and happy. They need to be able to work as part of a team aswel as work on their own initiative. A good early year’s practitioner should understand the importance of developing a physical and emotional environment where children feel confident to explore and investigate, and enjoy finding things out for themselves. They should listen carefully to the ideas put forward by the children and encourage them in their exploration and investigation. They should always work around the children and reorganise routines to ensure children have time to follow their ideas and interests. They should take every child’s needs and developmental stages into consideration when planning activities for them and always

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