Child-Rearing Among All Cultures: Teach Your Child to Achieve

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Teaching your child to achieve is an important goal for a child to learn because the child gets to set goals and milestones that may come with rewards which makes them feel successful and encourages their motivation. It is an important life skill that helps them better understand how the world works and benefits their future which is good if a child gets to develop this skill in his or her earlier stages. It is important to teach your child to achieve as its growing because a child’s first years are when it is the most observant and willing to learn. It will teach them to always keep trying in life even if they fail because they can always succeed if they give it their best. By achieving these goals they give themselves, they are learning the process of setting up their own goals and becoming more knowledgeable. This should be taught to children all over the world because it will help them to grow into a functioning member of society which is why it is important for all cultures to practice this common goal. Children will overall feel more accomplished and efficient. Some cultures may emphasize some goals making them dominant then others for example some will focus more on education and technology but all cultures practice this common goal because no matter what culture, race or religion that you are part of this is one skill all people should develop while growing up. It is needed in order for the child to reach their full potential and become healthy adults. A child in North America is encouraged to learn this common “child rearing” goal from many different people and elements that influence their life. Parents or guardians encourage this goal because they try to educate their children by teaching them the basic goals before preschool such as walking, talking and learning to interact with other children which will help them continue their journey of growing into a
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