Film Analysis: Waiting For The Superior Hero

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Waiting for the Superior Hero In the film, they revealed how bad teachers are often transferred from one school to another. This can be seen as a rotation cycle which is not turning out well for the public school system as well for the students. The reason being why a school lets a teacher go is because they discover that they are not doing their job efficiently which leads students to not learning. When students do not learn at least the basics of education, then they do not meet the state standards and cannot enter the next grade level. With this in mind, administrators are stuck trying to figure out what in the world are they doing wrong. Of course, it is not always the teachers to blame for students not passing because there are kids that do not make the…show more content…
They are mentors to their children that their quest is to lead their child to success. Hopefully if the child receives that type of support and guidance in their life, they will use it in the long run for their own good. The reason why I bring this up is because I believe that this is an important factor to the cause of what is happening to the public school system. Students need to be on the same pace as the teachers to receive positive outcomes for both sides. The public school system should actually study and listen to the students to gain ideas on how they can reverse the direction of where the public school system is heading. Normally, school starts too early in the morning when students are not at the peak of their full potential. In today’s generation, most people are now adapted to going to sleep very late and don’t get the rest that should be obtained. Most administrators believe that students should not have authority because it does not feel right, but it is not getting any better. The system needs to develop powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally prepare us intellectually for future

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