Let's Play Initiative

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Written Campaign Proposal Me’shelle Williams ECE205 Introduction to Child Development Instructor Sara McBride October 5, 2014 Let’s Play I. Proposal Let’s Play is a community partnership that is led by Dr Pepper Snapple Group to get children and their families to play nationwide. After launching the Let’s Play initiative in 2011, they made a three year, 15 million commitment to KaBOOM! The company built 41 playgrounds with more than 2,300 DPS employees contributing nearly 19,000 volunteer hours in the constructions. Grants are provided ranging from $500 to 30,000 for improvement of another 2,004 playgrounds (http://www.letsplay.com). To expand its efforts to provide tools, places, and inspiration to make…show more content…
I explained how important I believe the Let’s Play initiative would be for children to get out and have physical play with friends or family at the playground. DPS stated that this program is not only for children, but for older children as well, so that they can partake in different sport and not have to worry about getting equipment and other items needed if they could not afford it. This is wonderful to me! The historical, biological, environmental, cultural influence has been explained. Above, I stated why the topics should be addressed and how important it is for children to have organizations to help better themselves, by being healthy, social, a developing the skills that they should by having open play and encounter with parents, friends, teachers and families. Next, information was given on how important nurture can be for children. Children receive nurturing through social-emotional development and cognitive growth development. Then we went on to discuss the long-term goals, which I believe that they will excel to the highest extreme. Last, we discussed the effectiveness and showed evidence of how it will be effective. Which DPS is very effective and consistent with the work that they provide for children and communities with having several individuals working with them for it to become well
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