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Unit 145 Promote professional development Outcome 1 Understand principals of professional development 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. * Staff will be able to support children’s learning successfully because they will have high expectations of what children can achieve and a secure knowledge of how children learn best. * Keeping abreast of changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage, Safeguarding and SEND code of practice. * Keeping abreast of changes to policies, staff contracts * Staffs are confident in the curriculum they are delivering to the children in their care. * Business and reputation * Promotion prospects * CPD * Ofsted “CPD ensures that professionals remain up to date in a changing world and that the reputation of the profession is enhanced, encouraging individuals to aspire to improve performance and ensure they are committed to learning and it is an integral part of their work” Whittaker 1992 1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development. In my setting the main barrier to professional development is funding and being able to release staff to attend courses. Courses are often put on in the evenings and weekends and staff due to family and other commitments are unable to attend courses at these times, also it would incur additional costs. Other barriers that you may come across are employers not being supportive, a willingness to commit to courses particularly if they will involve course work. Some practitioners may not have studied for a long time and therefore may not be confident and also a lack of ICT knowledge can be a potential barrier. Knowing where to go to find out information about CPD can be a barrier, especially since the resources and people that I would of approached are no longer in their job roles. Therefore it becomes time

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