Know The Different Types Of Schools In The Education Sector Essay

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Outcome 1 Know the different types of schools in the education sector 1.1 &1.2 This is a table identifying the main types of schools, their characteristics, their different educational stage and who governs them Category of School | | Independent Schools | These schools are separate from the local education authority. They are funded by fees paid from the parents also investments and charitable endowments. They do not have to follow the national curriculum. The head and governor are responsible for recruitment. | Community schools | The Local Authority runs these schools. The authority dictates the admission policy. The school will establish links and support with the local community. They will also establish children centres…show more content…
St Johns’ achieves their mission statement by making sure children develop social and personal skills through learning with, and alongside others within the Christian content of the school. Children need a positive image of themselves in order to successful learners Children need equality of opportunity to gain full access to the curriculum Active involvement makes learning more interesting, more meaningful and more likely to make sense to pupils. Problem solving and making investigations is an important part of primary education. This form of learning helps children to think more, raise questions, try out ideas and record their findings. They welcome the involvement of parents. This could be accompying children on school outings to taking classes for the pupils in areas not on the curriculum. They also make it clear that “although parents are able to withdraw their children from religious education practice it is expected that because they have sent their child to St Johns’ school they agree with the ethos of a Church of England school based on the teachings of Christ, which are the core of everything we

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