T.a Role Essay

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Duties and responsibilities of own work role..... SUPPORT FOR THE SCHOOL Responsibilities and duties is to create safe, happy, positive and stimulating learning environment that children can be cared for. To beware and to follow the school policies and procedures relating to child protection, health and safety, school rules, behaviour policy, confidentiality and data protection, reporting any concerns to an appropriate person. To ensure all children and young people have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop. To respect and support the role of other professionals. Keeping up to date with change procedures and practice by attending meetings and training. SUPPORT FOR THE PUPILS Supervise and support children ensuring their safety and access to learning. Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all children. Encourage children to interact with others and engage in activities led by the teacher. Establish good relationships with children, acting as good role and being aware of and responding appropriately to individual needs. Encourage and promote self-esteem and independence. Provide feedback to children in relation to progress and achievement. SUPPORT FOR THE TEACHER Assist with the planning of learning activities under the direction and guidance of the class teacher. Establish constructive relationships with parents/carers. Ensure you give regular feedback to teachers on children's achievement, progress, problems etc. promote good behaviour, dealing appropriately with conflict and incidents in line with policy and procedures and encourage children to take responsibility for there own behaviour. Accompanying the children on school trips and out of school activities as required Provide clerical/admin support such as photocopying, typing, filing, money etc. Undertake children's record keeping as requested. Prepare beginning of lessons
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