1.1 Explain The Strategic Purpose Of School Governors

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a) Explain the strategic purpose of School governors b) Senior management team c) SENCO d) Teachers e) Support staff f) External professionals (named e.g. educational psychologist) In all state maintain schools the governing body is responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the children and young people. It is the main accountable body and its main purpose is to promote high standards of educational achievement within the school. The governing body establishes the ethos, mission and aims of the school within and agreed framework. The governors appoint the head teacher, set statutory targets and monitors performance by reviewing the effectiveness of the progress and targets. The governing body sings off the self-evaluation process and is responsible for improvements required by Ofsted reports. The governors will hold the head teacher…show more content…
The key strategic purpose of the teachers is to prepare lessons to impart information and make them as interesting as possible to keep children engaged and to promote learning by leading discussion and encourage participation. They must ensure the classroom environment is supportive for all learners. Teachers should prepare homework and assignments to assess learner’s progress and feed that back to both students and families. Support staff roles refers to any school employee allocated to assist administrators, teachers etc. to address special needs within the school. They work closely and supervised by fully qualified administrators or teachers. Support staff must be multi skilled and well trained to fulfil the requirements of their role. Teaching assistants are the most common members of the support team. Their role is to facilitate independent learning, access to the curriculum and promote inclusion. They help with a variety of functions during lessons to support teachers and help students spetially with numeracy and
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