Stl 307 1.5

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Unit 307 (1.5) Explain how assessment for learning can contribute to planning for the future learning carried out by :- (a) the teacher Teachers should think about the strategies they use when pupils carry out formal assessed tasks. (Consider baseline assessment at the start of a topic to assess prior knowledge. If assessment shows lack of understanding, stop and address how to overcome understanding) Teachers must think about and plan their questions carefully. Feedback from pupils enables the teacher to assess whether the pupils completely understand what they have been learning. Teachers can analyse performance using tests or questioning the pupils after completing an activity. Plans could include differentiated classroom groups, built in review time. Plan to give pupils examples of a variety of skills, attitudes, standards and qualities to aim for. (b) the learners Peer and self assessment are activities that actively engage pupils with their level of understanding and the quality of their work and help them to reflect on how to improve. Pupils must be familiar with learning objectives, outcomes and success criteria and feel confident in how to interpret them. Pupils should be involved in the target setting and assessment of their work. ( c) The learning support practioner Should be fully aware of the learning objectives. Will advise teachers of pupils who may need additional or consolidation work in order to enable them to achieve outcomes. Lead guided group sessions for explicit formative assessment opportunities. Use knowledge of pupils to make judgements about the next steps or interventions. Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own
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