Teaching Assistant Level Assignment 3

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Teaching Assistant level 3 Assignment 3 Student Name: Shazna Begum Student Number: SHA851BE Tutor: Mr Ken Smith Question 1: Why is it important to observe and assess pupils development? Precise observations and assessments are vital to efficient educational training. Cautious analysis enables both the teacher and teaching assistant to make assessments linking to each individual’s behaviour, learning techniques, stages of development and maturation, curriculum advantages and disadvantages, contemporary learning needs and attainments. These observations and assessments can help underline and commemorate individuals advantages and also discover any disadvantages in their learning. It can outline the basis for the partial development of the right learning needs and abilities and may also be constructive preliminary stage for future learning prospects There are many rationales why it’s significant to observe and assess pupils’ development. For example, to be able to recognize the broad choice of skills in all areas of pupils development. This will help teachers and teaching assistants to set out goals that need improving and building upon current skills to allow pupils to achieve their educational attainment at different levels. Moreover it is important to observe and assess in order to identify and comprehend the cycle of development in children. This understanding should be used to connect the hypothesis and theory with my own practice as a teaching assistant within the school. Furthermore, children’s behaviour, development and current skills should be observed to identify and assess their progression in order to plan tasks that are suitable towards individual needs. Question 2: Make a list of how to perform pupil observations When making
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