Cooperative / Collaborative Learning

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In this research study the researcher was keen to identify, define, and compare the impact of two best instructional practices to a group of student with dual goals: learning-oriented goals and social and life skills performance-oriented goals. Though this research, the researcher has highlighted tasks and strategies that teachers can use to help students establish goals that have the greatest positive impact on learning. The methodology and the multiple activities in this study describe ways in which educators can set outcomes and help students set outcomes for learning, which are related to the dual component set out in this research: instructional outcomes and social and life skills enhancement. The focus of this research, as described in earlier sections of this report, has been on how to help a group of third graders enhanced their conceptual understanding of the multiple grade level skills on the topic of fractions. The focus was also on how to develop the social and life skills of cooperative partnership and collaborative interaction among this group of third grade students. Direct instruction and cooperative / collaborative learning were chosen as the best instructional practices that can be used to help the researcher achieve the objective of improving specific learning goals through classroom projects activities. These strategies were fully discussed in this report. The analysis of the data obtained through the use of a number of qualitative instruments, clearly demonstrates how the implementation of direct instruction and the cooperative / collaborative teaching strategy gave the participants the opportunity to engage themselves in meaningful learning. The data confirmed that the use of direct instruction ad the cooperative / collaborative learning model provided numerous avenues for the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of similar vibrant
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