Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 – Assignment 1 Question 1: Give examples of how you would plan activities. Planning activities is based on pupil’s individual’s interests, needs and abilities, and emphasises the importance of observations and assessments of pupils, although the process for planning is continuous it still consists of these fundamentals: identifying future learning needs, preparing specification of intended learning outcomes for the pupils, observing and recording of the pupils responses including their achievements/ difficulties, identifying each children individual learning needs, preparing for the learning activities, selecting appropriate resources for the learning activities, organizing the learning activities, identifying staff roles, implementing the learning activities, and evaluating how the learning activity went. Therefore as a teaching assistant my role in planning activities would be to attend regular meetings either; once a term, every half term or weekly. Furthermore each day discuss with the teacher about; the lesson plans, objectives of the learning activities, what my contribution to learning activities, how much support and the type of support in which I’m going to offer the pupils, as well as the specific strategies for supporting learning activities. Subsequently I should provide feedback to the teacher after the activity or lesson and inform the teacher on the children or child achievements and difficulties in the activity. By informing the teacher it enables them with their assessments of the children and to inform their future planning. Question 2: Describe your role in delivering learning activities. As a Teaching Assistant your role in delivering learning activities involves you assisting the teacher in setting up the classroom to meet the individual learning needs of each child in the class. To ensure that you provide

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