Task 3 Part a – Roles and Responsibilities

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Role | Strategic purpose | School governors | They are responsible for the conduct of the school and must promote high standards of educational achievement. They provide a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose/aims of the school within an agreed policy framework. The Governors also monitor and evaluates the work of the school by continually reviewing the performance of the head teacher as well as the effectiveness of the schools improvement strategy.They sign off the self-evaluation process with regards to school improvement service and Ofsted reports as needed. They ensure parents are involved and consulted within the review and hold the head to account for the performance of the school. | Senior Management team | The leadership or senior management team are often made up of the head teacher, deputy and heads of department. These professionals will often have more than one responsibility. Their role is to set the strategic direction of the school and then manage this. They will lead any changes and often ensure that the school is doing the best it can for those children who attend. The team must be aware of the current state of the school and manage this effectively, be imaginative in trying new ideas/initiatives in a manner that can get the whole school behind their ideas. They will need to be diligent in tracking changes and update the progress with appropriate actions that need to be addressed. | Teachers | Teaching staff prepare lessons to ensure students are engaged and that effective learning for all abilities takes place within the classroom. They prepare assignments/assessments and mark work that has been submitted to give students feedback. They ensure that the information they deliver is current and correct to best of their knowledge. Teaching staff ensure that teaching is fully inclusive and that they help
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