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Accountability School counseling has undergone a transformation from a program of entitlement to one of performance and continuous improvement. What is working with and for students? School counselors now focus on improved student results that measure the impact of goals and objectives. The essential question becomes” How has student academic achievement improved as a result of what counselors do”? School counselors must use data to assess student needs, establish measurable goals, and measure the results of guidance and counseling activities. This helps to ensure accountability. Data is collected, disaggregated and analyzed to determine areas of student strength and areas in need of improvement. Gathering and analyzing school data identifies…show more content…
When counselors put together an intervention, be it a small group session or a classroom lesson, they incorporate data collection into their plans. Counselors are looking to compare students before and after the intervention to look for differences. The information gathered through this data is summarized in results reports. In creating results reports, counselors examine perception and results data. This data is then mined for implications - did the lesson work? Did the students learn the skill we wanted them to learn? Did the lesson cover material the students already knew? How can we improve the lesson next time? School Counselor Performance Standards The ASCA model clearly spells out standards for school counselors. These standards give counselors a tool for self-evaluation of performance. Administrators and teachers may also use these standards, as separate from those that might be used to evaluate a teacher, to evaluate the effectiveness of the department. References:

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