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Introduction In this assignment I am going to cover the role of the teacher, the responsibilities that they have in the education and training environment. I will also discuss how to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment for your learners. To end the essay I will discuss the relationship teachers have with other professionals who work in the education and training arena. The teaching role and responsibilities in education and training 1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education A teacher adopts many roles within the learning environment and has many responsibilities. One of the key responsibilities I feel for a teacher is to provide information, wisdom. In order to share their knowledge and understanding of a subject or topic a teacher needs to have a deep understanding of the topic that they are teaching. However alongside this a teacher should not claim to know it all, and be willing to learn from their students. ‘Knowledge may be seen as a level of awareness, consciousness or familiarity gained by experience, learning or thinking.’ (Jarvis 1987). It is important that the teacher appreciate any input from their students, whether the answer is correct or not. This openness will instil confidence and motivation from within the group and help their learning experience. To create a positive learning environment, with a clear structure, a teacher needs to have the ability to plan their lectures or sessions effectively. With clear goals and aims which match up with the curriculum. These lessons need to be creative, incorporate activities and techniques that will engage the learner. The teacher must also be flexible and have the ability to change an activity quickly if it is not achieving the desired effect or learning is not moving forward in a positive direction. According to the learning cycle, adapted from (Kolb 1974),
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