Teaching Perspectives Inventory

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4/1/13 Summary of Five Perspectives | TPI - Teaching Perspectives Inventory Take the survey in: Review the Five Perspectives Reflect on Your Results Each of the paragraphs below represents a different perspective on 'good teaching,' as indicated by the large bars on your profile sheet. Together, they will help you understand and interpret your profile. Keep in mind that these five are not mutually exclusive perspectives. In our research involving thousands of teachers, the vast majority hold one or (sometimes) two dominant perspectives. Many hold an additional 'back-up' perspective that is high, although not dominant. This combination of dominant and back-up perspectives allows teachers to accommodate changes in context, content, and learners. Common sense requires that no one can operate from all five simultaneously, since they represent contrasting and sometimes competing views of teaching. On your profile sheet you also have sub-scores for Beliefs (B), Intention (I), and Actions (A) within each perspective. These sub-scores scores will further help to identify your philosophy of teaching by highlighting whether your views within a perspective are grounded (differentially or equally) in what you believe, what you intend to accomplish, or what educational actions you undertake in your teaching settings. Effective teaching requires a substantial commitment to the content or subject matter. Good teaching means having mastery of the subject matter or content. Teachers' primary responsibilities are to represent the content accurately and efficiently. Learner's responsibilities are to learn that content in its authorized or legitimate forms. Good teachers take learners systematically through tasks leading to content Transmission mastery: providing clear objectives, adjusting the pace of lecturing, making efficient use of class time, clarifying
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