The Most Important Qualities of an Outstanding Educator

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The most important qualities of an outstanding educator. The most important qualities of an outstanding educator relate to the way they interact with the students and present the material to them. An outstanding educator cultivates the ability to listen to and understand the student to better determine the level of comprehension the student has attained. The educator must be patient with the students and allow students of differing levels of ability and achievement the time and tools they need to absorb the material. They must differentiate the lessons with the goal of reaching each student's zone of proximal development. An outstanding educator will also demonstrate to the students that they care whether or not the student succeeds. Another important quality is the ability to find creative ways to present material so that the lessons hold their interest and they then view learning in a positive light. They must try to make learning interesting and even fun by methods such as the incorporation of games into the lessons like bingo or crossword puzzles. They must alternate activities to ensure that the student's attention does not wander keeping the students as engaged as possible in the lesson. They must elicit student involvement in the lesson so the students will engage in constructive learning. Whatever the topic it will be better communicated if the teacher is enthusiastic about it than with a dull and dry delivery. The outstanding educator will remain as cheerful and enthusiastic as possible while preserving enough professional demeanor and discipline to keep the lessons on track. They will encourage students to work together in groups when possible to accomplish educational goals and tasks. They will not just always be prepared with an engaging lesson plan crafted to keep the student's interest while satisfying the school district's curriculum

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