Engaging Students In Freshman Composition Essay

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Techniques To Engage Students According to Catherine Sutton- Brady and Nicole Stegemann, when a student is actively learning within the classroom they become more engaged in lessons and will increase their logical thinking skills, as well as them understanding the course material deeper (237). When students became interested in a lesson teaching it is not difficult, there is more interaction within students and questions to be asked. There are more opinions being stated and effort being put into understanding the course. When we are actively participating in the learning experience, we are motivated to learn more. "... the passive student is the greatest challenge facing educators and finding ways to engage them is vital to teaching and learning success"(Cohen 1991). When the class is interactive, the learning experience may be enjoyable and the amount of effort an educator will put into getting students interested may seem to lessen. The benefits of interactive classrooms seem endless. Studies show that while comparing interactive classrooms to traditional, lecture classrooms, test scores from the interactive class almost doubled (Cruise). Attendance between the two classes also differed, with the interactive classroom having more students present. Engaging a student in a freshman composition class may be one of the most difficult challenges for a writing instructor. Almost all writing instructors have a main goal for the course, as well as certain techniques used to approach them. Goals for a freshman composition class may include learning how to "write in several genres", "using a variety of formats and technologies to address a range of audiences as appropriate", and "generating texts through a series of tasks" (Harris). Creative techniques within the classroom will motivate students to engage into the lesson. The purpose of this paper is to provide educators

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