Rubrics and Spirals

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Rubrics and Spirals Amy Kvenvold Grand Canyon University: SPE-330 Special Education Foundations and Frameworks Professor Hebert March 2, 2013 Rubrics and Spirals The purposes of Rubrics and spirals are to evaluate student learning and for teachers it is used to support learning. Both have their definite purpose in education, and can be used to ensure better results for our students. While both can be used as tools for evaluating students, they may not both work for a particular situation. A rubric may be more appropriate for one situation where a spiral will be best for another. Rubrics are a great tool to help students understand expectations for an assignment. By providing students with a rubric that clearly states expectations; they are able to see what is needed to receive the grade they desire. Rubrics can be used for all grades and ages. A rubric for second grade would be simpler than one for a college student but both give the student a clear understanding of expectations. They also can provide feedback for students on their strengths, allowing them to see for themselves where they need to make improvements. Teachers use rubrics to assess students, they make it much easier, more consistent, and objective. They also help teachers focus better on key concepts. By making a work model (rubric) for students to use students will be able to improve and increase knowledge students will acquire. Teacher can better justify student grades by using a rubric that clearly shows where the student rates according to the rubric. Spirals are an excellent tool for attaching new information to what the student knows or what has been already taught. Teachers using this method of teaching give students smaller amounts of information and then after a while they come back and reteach it. This can happen more than a few times,
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