Career Assessment for Special Education

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Career Decision-Making System Revised-Review I chose to review The Harrington-O’Shea Career Decision Making Assessment. I began my evaluation of the assessment by taking it myself. The process and directions for completing this assessment were simple to follow. The booklet gave you written directions and examples for completing the assessment. The activities listed were straight forward, making it easy to make my decisions. I was curious as to how I would add up all my answer choices within the different categories. The use of the carbon paper was a great idea. I really like how I did not have to transfer my answers anywhere. The interest survey took me a total of 10 minutes. My career areas I scored the highest in were social and business. After going through the two job charts, the social job chart and the category of education had the most items circled. The total assessment took 20 minutes. I think that a general education and/or college student would be able to use this as a self-assessment for researching a career path. Students who have learning disabilities and/or trouble reading would need the assistance of an adult. I did not find anywhere the qualifications needed to administer this test, but I would think any adult who could read would be able to assist another person in taking this assessment. The assessment booklet is laid out systematically and gives excellent explanations for using the booklet. I do believe that for a student to have the most effective experience, a teacher or counselor would work out best in administering the assessment. I think this because education professionals know how to work with students, they can provide added detail and answer questions, and can be a vital part in the process of career decision making. The Harrington-O’Shea CDM has 2 level booklets. Level 1 was created for middle
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