Stark Analysis Paper: Comparing And Describing Learning Strategies

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VARK Analysis Paper: Comparing and Describing Learning Strategies Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion December 12, 2014 Everyone has different learning strategies and a different way of interpreting things. We all prefer a specific way to learn. The results may vary according to these five strategies: multimodal strategies, kinesthetic strategies, aural strategies, read/write strategies, and visual strategies. This essay will discuss all five strategies and compare them to one another. Multimodal Strategies Multimodal strategies engage all strategies. This result was due to the blending of the other strategies. Your preferences in the questionnaire determine what strategy you are chosen to get. Multimodal strategies…show more content…
They are identified in a person but aren’t really the person’s number one choice. The preferred strategies are the strategies that help the person learn and cope to their needs. Identified strategies are there and also help but the person would prefer the other strategies over them. As discussed earlier, kinesthetic strategies embody actively engaging into the lesson. On the contrary, aural study strategies engage “attending classes, discussions, and tutorials, discussing topics with others and teachers, and using a tape recorder.” People who are good listeners and learn better by hearing have aural strategies. Kinesthetic strategies, however, require you to completely take notes and fully engage yourself. Another comparison can be between read/write strategies and visual strategies. Visual strategies “use symbolism and different formats, fonts and colors to emphasize important points. It does not include video and pictures that show real images and it is not visual merely because it is shown on a screen.” It is similar to read/write strategies because read/write strategies also engage using your eyes to read but visual strategies use things that are prominent to your eyes. Highlighting and symbolizing help you study better because your eyes are adjusted to…show more content…
Different people adjust to different strategies. Most people adjust to more than one strategy. We just need to identify which ones through assessment. How the Awareness of Learning Strategies Influence Teaching and Learning It is important for teachers to understand what a student is going through in their process of learning new information. If you know the learning style of the student, it is easier to convey the message you are trying to convey. Teachers adapt to their students and help them according to their style learning. Knowing the learning strategies influence teaching and learning by allowing the teacher know what is going on and giving students a chance to understand the material. These learning strategies help both: the teacher and the student. References Roell, K. (2014, January 1). The Kinesthetic Learning Style. Retrieved December 14, 2014, from Fleming, N. (2012). VARK. In a Guide to Learning Styles. Retrieved September, 2013 from Home. (2014, January 1). Retrieved December 14, 2014, from

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