Purpose Of Prison Reform In The United States

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US Prison Reform What is the primary goal of any prison? 1. To deter those who would otherwise commit crimes. 2. To issue punishment to, or obtaining retribution from those who have committed serious crimes. 3. To make it less likely that those who serve a prison sentence will commit crimes after their release. The increasing focus on #3, or the rehabilitation of criminals has led some prisons to be formally renamed to correctional institutions. Today, this should be the primary goal of all prisons. As we know, every cent it costs to run a prison is provided by taxes. But even after American citizens pay over $39 billion in taxes to prisons each year, the majority of correctional facilities are still underfunded, with no focus on rehabilitation and conditions so poor they have been ruled unconstitutional. Here’s how we fix that, while at the same time lowering consumer prices, national debt, increasing national self-sufficiency, and most importantly, rehabilitating criminals. First Change No one should receive life in prison. There should be a cap of a 45-55 years prison sentence, while the death penalty is reinstituted into all…show more content…
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