Customized Learning Theory

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Customized Learning Theory Angelique Young Liberty University Introduction There are many ideas and theories on what makes the best learning environment. Things to consider are teacher-student relationships, teacher-parent relationships, parent-student relationships and lastly, student-self relationships. Each relationship creates an environment that is intertwined with the other to create the best learning environment for the student. When one or more of these relationships fracture, the environment for the student is, at best retarded, if not crippled. By understanding the dynamic of these relationships, a teacher understands the development and learning of students and seeks opportunities to positively support not only their intellectual development, but also social and personal as well. Children are children. For the most part, their developmental patterns can be predicted. Understanding the different stages of development can give teachers insight to not only academic performance, but also behaviors. This paper will focus on the learning theory of adolescents, primarily middle school students. Learning Theory and its Importance Slavin (2012) states “a theory is a set of related principles and laws that explains a broad aspect of learning, behavior, or another area of interest (p .9). Applied to learning, theory encompasses a larger picture. It not only explains aspects of learning, but also includes emotions and cognitive behaviors and their influences. Teachers constantly have to make decisions that require much more insight than content alone. It is in making these decisions teachers consider the big picture not just the facts. Learning is a process. Understanding the different elements of learning theory will enable a teacher to make wise decisions throughout the day concerning students. Middle school students are at an

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