Understand How They Learn

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Understand How They Learn Todd M. Haubrich April 30, 2011 Understand how they learn An inherent responsibility, of anyone who designs, develops, and instructs is to understand how a person learns, and the process of how learning takes place. Instructional design is a crucial element in material development. Whether curriculum is developed and designed for a class, seminar, or a course of instruction, much research, time, and money go into the design and development of course materials. The proper selection of media and instrument of delivery, consideration of learning styles and learning preferences, of the audience is a critical factor of the design process. No matter how well designed the material, or instrument of delivery is, teachers must consider many relevant factors during implementation, and presentation of material; material and delivery must accommodate a persons learning style. Moreover, teachers must educate their students on learning styles and preferences, this will provide the student knowledge, which will enhance their learning and educational experience. Research continues to document, and show that students will enjoy learning, and will learn more when the material and teachers accommodate their learning styles and preferences. Much research has been conducted and published on how people receive and process information. Research has endeavored to ascertain and define how people learn in different environments, such as the classroom, and the work setting. Researchers have developed different tools, which are designed to assess a person learning preferences and how a student applies what they learn. One such model which has received much attention, accolades, and is the base for continued research by many in the field, is the work of David Kolb and his associate, Roger Fry, and the experiential learning model (Smith,
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