Explain How to Select Resources That Meet the Needs of Learners

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Explain how to Select Resources that Meet the Needs of Learners: Resources are range of items used in to deliver learning, these can come in many forms and used in many ways, so it important to ensure that resources are accessible to all learners. Resources should stimulate learning as well as impart and promote interest in the subject, so it is crucial to select resources that also meet the needs of your learners. Resources should meet the required learning styles in the group as well as the objective of the session. Resources can be in form of books, handouts, pens, computers, overhead projector, work/activity sheets and also teachers and other professionals. In IT class, the most used resources are the computer, overhead projector, handouts, whiteboard/flipchart and voice. To select the resources to be used depends on the session task and objectives. In order to include all learners, the learning styles of the group is considered when planning the session and choosing appropriate resources is essential. These have to be tested, be readable, computerised resources, also knowing the strengths and limitations of specific resources. In planning my lesson, I will envisage learners that did not disclose their additional needs and what extra support they required, in order for the session to be inclusive; some steps will be taken to ensure that learners will still be able to participate. For example, making sure that all resources that are word processed are written in 12 point text, and in an easy to read font, such as Arial, this will help learners with the reading of text. Also I will present handouts in coloured papers to accommodate learners with learning
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