Jesus Gonzales Teaching Case

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Jesus Gonzales Teaching Case Reflection As teachers we learn through doing, but experience is not the only thing that makes effective teachers. Knowledge is equally important in becoming an effective teacher. With knowledge we have a responsibility to share it with others to the best of our ability and to know when we need to adapt our sharing techniques. Teaching cases are examples of specific teaching experiences and are one way that teachers can reflect and add to their knowledge database. Each example can be examined by different perspectives, identifying the problems, and suggesting some solutions. Each situation would be different if it was actually happening but a case allows analysis of a real life scenario. Reviewing different cases gives knowledge that will help shape teachers experiences in the classroom. The knowledge teachers can gain from analyzing cases and offering alternate solutions can be applied if similar situations arise in the classroom. Discussing cases in small group settings can be a huge benefit in that each person would bring varying perspectives, critiques and solutions to the table, increasing the knowledge of each teacher more than if they were to just complete individually. Once critiques are made upon a case and other people offer suggestions and opinions teachers will be much more capable and confident to reflect and critique their own classroom teaching. Teaching cases are for the greater good of all teachers; they need not be put down, but instead used for the edification of other teachers where they can bounce ideas off each other for greater understanding on how to deal with certain situations. Discussing cases will test the beliefs of everyone involved, broadening the minds of teachers and evaluating each perspective. Each person must be able to effectively communicate their views and reasons why they have certain beliefs.
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