Spe 226 Benchmark Assignment

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SPE 226 Educating the Exceptional Learner Benchmark Assessment Targeted Essential Learning Effective teachers implement lesson plans that utilize diversified strategies to meet the learning needs of students with varying degrees of cognitive abilities. Effective teachers are able to adapt instruction based on learner needs. (APTS 3, 9; INTASC 2; CEC 4, 7) Assessment Tool Selected Project a) Accommodations and Modification of Lesson Plan b) Report - Reflective Analysis Specific Performance/Task(s) • Implement lesson plans. (APTS 3.1) • Select and utilize best practice implementation strategies appropriate to different developmental levels. (APTS 3.7) • Implement differentiated strategies that address diverse learners. (APTS 3.8) • Adapt instruction based on student needs. (APTS 9.5) • Select and apply evidenced-based instructional strategies to serve students with specific disabilities. (CEC 4.1) • Select, adapt, and use techniques to modify learning environments. (CEC 4.4) • Design instruction to meet student needs. (CEC 4.5) • Select, adapt, create, and use curricular materials. (CEC 7.4) Relevancy of Task to Teacher Candidate Students must be able to implement research-based lesson plans which reflect accommodations and modifications for learners with disabilities. Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions 1) Individual: Teaching for Exceptionalities (Benchmark Assessment) a) General Practicum information: Students’ practicum experiences should follow the practicum experience requirements, including the diversity and hour requirements for this course on the Practicum Placement Form found in the Student Success Center, Colleges, College of Education, and Teacher Preparation Programs Practicum/Field Experience Manual i) Students should fill out the Practicum Placement Form and Observation Record. Complete
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