Establish And Maintaining An Inclusive Learning Environment

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CTLLS Unit 2 Assessment Issue Date: Submission Date: Planning and Enabling Learning Rationale: Unit 2 will provide opportunities for trainee teachers to develop their competence in planning to meet the needs of individual learners through negotiation of appropriate individual goals, the effective preparation of sessions, the application of appropriate teaching and learning strategies and resources, the management and delivery of inclusive learning and the application of knowledge about the minimum core. In working towards achieving this, trainee teachers will be required to evaluate the effectiveness of their own teaching and learning in the development of their professional skills. Assessment Criteria: describe the level of achievement…show more content…
Understand ways to negotiate appropriate |1.1 Analyse the role of initial assessment in the learning and teaching | |individual goals with learners. |process. | | |1.2 Describe and evaluate different methods of initial assessment for use with | | |learners. | | |1.3 Evaluate ways of planning, negotiating and recording appropriate learning | | |goals with learners. | |2. Understand how to plan for inclusive |2.1 Establish and maintain an inclusive learning environment. | |learning |2.2 Devise and justify a scheme of work which meets learners’ needs and | | |curriculum requirements. | | |2.3 Devise and justify session plans which meet the aims and needs of
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