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TAQA Assignment T2 – Jim Davies 16/08/12 1. What are the functions, concepts and principles of assessment in learning and development? Functions of assessment Assessment is often confused with evaluation, assessment relates to the learner and is specific to the learner’s achievements and how they can improve, whereas evaluation relates to the programme or qualification the learner is taking. There is also a difference between ‘assessment of learning’ and ‘assessment for learning’. Assessment of learning is summative and can confirm that learning has taken place, but assessment for learning is a formative process which determines the learners progress so far and can be used to plan any further learning or development that may be required. Assessment is used to determine if learning and development is taking place with regard to specific criteria. The criteria are usually set by the awarding body for each qualification the learner is taking and will be published on the awarding body’s website or in other course information i.e. the course handbook. The purpose of assessment in learning is to determine the learner’s level of competence by using a range of different methods. Based on the findings of the assessment and the evidence gathered during the assessment, decisions can then be made by comparing the evidence against the qualification standards. This will determine if the learner’s Competence, Knowledge & Understanding of the subject, and Skills required to carry out required tasks are of a sufficient level to meet the laid down criteria. Assessment should be used to focus on improving and reinforcing learning. It can help a learner understand how they are progressing and what they may need to do to improve their knowledge and progress further. Page 1 of 41 Concepts of assessment Concepts of Assessment involved in the

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