The Gallup Poll

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I believe that surveys of students is a great way to analyze the learning process, but also an effective approach to measuring the level of learning students. The Gallup poll of Student Engagement can help educators to improve programs and eliminating deficiencies, while students can get valuable information about the learning process. This technique allows to identify the emotional attitude to learning and to obtain information about the emotional well- being of each student and the class as a whole. Evaluation of the relationship to the values of the school culture and the level of development of the self-study was conducted according to an anonymous survey. The level of student engagement largely determines the efficiency and development of the school. It is therefore important to analyze the motivations that significantly affect the process of involving students in school activities. Study has become one of the tasks of the position estimate, reflecting the level of interests, needs. motivations of students. It was interesting to learn that, according to the data, about half of the students practically involved in the school activities, schoolwork had become a necessity of life. The students according to the survey based on their relationship to the school can be conditionally divided into three typological groups: engaged, not engaged, actively disengaged. If the projected data typological groups on courses , the picture is so that engagement by grade falls every year: for 5th grade involvement and enthusiasm for school is 4.38, for the 12th it equals 3.79. Lower score senior school students can be a signal of emotional distress for students at school, suggesting a lack of maturity of the inner attitude of the student. The Gallup Student Poll is very informative. Looking through all of the questions and response it seems the numbers have all gone
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