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NMC DOMAINS AND OUTCOMES FOR ALL MENTORS (2006) 1. Establishing effective working relationships Develop effective working relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Demonstrate an understanding of factors that influence how students integrate into practice settings. Provide ongoing and constructive support to facilitate transition from one learning environment to another. 2. Facilitation of Learning Use knowledge of the student’s stage of learning to select appropriate learning opportunities to meet their individual needs. Facilitate selection of appropriate learning strategies to integrate learning from practice and academic experiences. Support students in critically reflecting upon their learning experiences in order to enhance future learning. 3. Assessment and accountability Foster professional growth, personal development and accountability through support of students in practice. Demonstrate a breadth of understanding of assessment strategies and the ability to contribute to the total assessment process as part of the teaching team. Provide constructive feedback to students and assist them in identifying future learning needs and actions. Manage failing students so that they may either enhance their performance and capabilities for safe and effective practice or be able to understand their failure and their implications of this for their future. Be accountable for confirming that students have met, or not met, the NMC competencies in practice. As a sign-off mentor confirm that students have met, or not met, the NMC standards of proficiency in practice and are capable of safe and effective practice. 4. Evaluation of learning Contribute to evaluation of student learning and assessment experiences – proposing aspects for change as a result of such evaluation. Participate in self and peer evaluation to facilitate personal development and
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