Tda 2.6 Roles and Responsiblities

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Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team My role of a Teaching Assistant is extremely important in the class room. I am there to support the pupils and the teacher in charge as well as other staff working in the school. A teaching assistant is responsible for preparing the class room ready for the day ahead as well as clearing the classroom after the school day. The Teaching assistant is required to float between pupils helping them to confidently complete their work and tasks set. We are also required to sometimes work with individual groups of pupils on set tasks or individually with pupils who need one to one support. A teaching assistant also displays work of the pupils in a complimentary way and this is very important to give an ego boost to the pupils and to celebrate their achievements. We also have to display pupils targets, class rules and other words/numbers from various topics. Sometimes a TA is required to work with pupils who have a disability or learning difficulty on a one to one base to help them achieve the same goals as their peers keeping them in mainstream school can be extremely important and a pupil with these difficulties will often need extra support to understand their work. Quite often a TA is responsible for supervising the pupils at playtimes, on school outings, or just generally in the classroom and also offering additional support to the teaching staff in all areas. A TAs list of duties can be quite varied depending on the school, staff and what is expected. The Teacher The teacher’s role is to be in complete control of their class, preparing lessons, and supervising the staff/visitors in the classroom. A teacher will prepare individual pupil targets and give direction to other staff in the class room. When disciplinary action needs to be taken normally the teacher in charge

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