3.2 Schools as Organisations 2.1

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3.2 Schools as organisations Explaining the strategic purposes of…. School governors. School governors play a very important role in any school setting. They usually have links with the school and the local community. The committees are made up of up to 20 people, which can include parents and school staff. There are many technicalities to the role within school and certain people's roles, but the general and most important idea is that the governors are there to have the best interests of the school and pupils in hand. School governor’s main duties are; to set aims and objectives for the school, to make sure they adopt policies for achieving the aims and objectives and to set targets for achieving the aims and objectives. Senior management team. The senior management team is run by staff within the school. They would work closely with the head teacher/deputy head teacher and other heads of department within the school. If the school has a head of SENCO then they will also be included. The team will have regular meetings in school to discuss the running of the school and discuss matters that may need attention, along with the school improvement plan and come up with solutions to resolve them. They will decide between them how to pass this information on to the rest of the teachers and school staff. Yet again these will have the school and pupils best interests at heart. SENCO. The SENCO are responsible for the care of children with special educational needs with in the school. The role includes, communicating with other members of staff and parents regarding the special education needs of the pupil involved. To advise and support other practitioners within the school setting and to ensure that the children have appropriate (IEPS) in place, (individual education plans.) They must also be aware of and collect all previous background information regarding
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